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Diane Willow is a multi-modal artist and assistant professor of Experimental and Media Arts at the University of Minnesota. A graduate of MIT's Center for Advanced Visual Studies, her work is grounded in the genre of art & technology. Earlier work in experimental media at the Boston Children's Museum steeped her in the culture of participatory engagement, the sensory and the experiential. Her subsequent appointments as artist in residence at the MIT Media Lab and researcher in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group enabled her to tune her artistic practice, creative work and teaching with tangible media, interactive art, and hybrid modalities. Diane was an Osher Fellow at the Exploratorium, is a seasoned facilitator of interactive workshops, and an active artist with recent  exhibitions at Subtle Technologies in Toronto, Canada and 798 Art Zone and the Beijing Film Academy in China.

Kimko Ryokai is an assistant professor at the School of Information and Center for New Media at UC Berkeley. Kimiko received her MS and PhD in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT in 1999 and 2005 respectively. At the MIT Media Lab, Kimiko was a member of the Tangible Media Group and the Gesture and Narrative Language Group, where she developed a number of tangible interactive systems to facilitate collaborative and creative learning. Kimiko's work has been presented at CHI, SIGGRAPH, CSCL, IUI, as well as exhibited at international venues such as Ars Electronica, Children's Museum Kyoto, Japan, AIGA, and IDSA (Gold Award). Before joining UC Berkeley, Kimiko worked at IDEO as an interaction design and human factors specialist.

Hayes Raffle is an award-winning product designer and inventor specializing in hybrid physical/digital objects to nurture learning, creative expression, and interpersonal communication. He is currently at Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto where he is inventing new technologies to support family communication.

Hayes completed his Ph.D. in the Tangible Media Group a the MIT Media Lab in June, 2008 and received his M.S. from MIT in 2004. His research integrates design, epistemology and human-computer interaction, with a focus on educational toys. Hayes was a LEGO Fellow for six consecutive terms and researched new technologies for hands-on learning. Major projects include the Topobo robotic construction kit, Super Cilia Skin textural communication medium, Jabberstamp drawing tools, and Fuzzmail emotional email application. Hayes's inventions have received numerous international awards and recognition, and have shown in Europe, Asia and North America. His work has received outstanding press from major publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and BBC. Hayes is the author of several patents and over a dozen peer-reviewed academic publications.

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