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Future Scenarios of Everyday Objects

Tuesday ~ October 27, 2009
Creativity & Cognition ~ Berkeley, CA

The workshop scenario that we propose sketches a sequence of experiences that values multiple modes of engagement. This is a responsive scenario designed to elicit and integrate the interests and contributions of the participants as well as the organizers as we seek to expand our conception of the possibilities of future scenarios of the everyday.  

The Introductions:
In keeping with the spirit of this active workshop, introductions among the group will be designed as an interactive activity. We will introduce and actualize the concept of a community of learners throughout this experience by constructing a variety of ways for participants to share their prior knowledge with one another.

Conceptual Catalyst:

Workshop organizers will present ordinary objects that they have transformed into extra-ordinary objects with sonic voices, visual memories, and animated surfaces, including: I/O Brush, Sound of Touch, and Whispering Touch.

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to explore these creative tools and discuss how they shift one's conception of the everyday.

Sensing the Ordinary:
Pairs and small clusters of participants will be given a playful and "sensitive" objects designed to engage them in exploring their immediate environment anew while introducing tools for prototyping their ideas. Each "sensitive" object incorporates the Arduino or another accessible, open source technology or resource that also serves to encourage participants to extend their explorations beyond the construct of this workshop
Future Scenarios:
A collection of everyday objects will be available to each of the small groups who collaborate in the process of re-imagining their selections as objects with new behaviors. These may be explored and re-presented as diagrams, drawings, active sketches or prototypes.

The workshop organizers will introduce accessible technologies including the arduino and modifiable sensors that provide participants with available resources for proposing new attributes for the objects that they have chosen to re-imagine.

This active process of proposing future scenarios and constructing iterative extensions and reconfigurations of everyday objects complements the participants' workshop experiences with creative tools and "sensitive" objects.

Reflections and Imagined Possibilities:
This half-day workshop engages participants in a  range of modalities intended to elicit as many questions and possibilities as it delivers. We imagine this to be both relaxed and intense. We will take time to share our experiences and inspirations for continued explorations.

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