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Database Aesthetic

On May 12th I will be presenting Database Aesthetic for class discussion.

For my material, I have drawn from several sources, in particular articles from the book Database Aesthetics, Art in the Age of Information Overflow, Victoria Vesna, ed. Two of these articles were the focus of my research: (1) Database as Symbolic Form, by Lev Manovich, and (2) The Database: An Aesthetics of Dignity, by Sharon Daniel.

I hope the discussion will traverse the following levels:

  • What is Database, as a concept?

  • Database/Narrative dichotomy, and the spectrum between these endpoints

  • New Media & Database, trends & usage

  • Historical reinterpretation, given this new way of thinking.

Inherent in this last point is the critical question that I am asking:

Is the concept of Database a new construct, or could it simply be a new way of looking at the world? (and then reinterpret our past in terms of Database?)