April 28, 2008

Catherine Richards

Ourr discussions about presence, sensing presence reminded me of the work of
Catherine Richards.

Some of her work focuses on the body and subtle fields of electromagnetic energy, including her explorations of unplugged in what she refers to as a "total immersion in a wireless circuit."

Artwork related to these explorations:

Curiosity Cabinet

Shroud Chrysalis

Shroud Chrysalis II

She discusses her work and relates some of her thinking about the the human body, media environments and technological fields in this excerpt:

"In the cyberspace of contemporary new technologies the theme of self-determination is being replayed in the image of the autonomous cyborg.

Much of this attempt to reconstruct self determination in new media environments focuses on the meeting of body and machine: a cyborg state of half metal and half flesh. In the main stream technological, scientific and pop narratives the cyborg simply appropriates more machine power for the autonomous self.

In contrast I see these electronic computer environments as irrevocably blurring the boundaries between body and machine and multiples of bodies and machines, thereby profoundly shifting any notion of the autonomous self. There are immense implications for our material bodies and our virtual, physic selves in these ambiguous environments. Not only do these states undermine our construction of autonomy but we have not developed any other notion of subjectivity to take its place.

Other works of mine explored this permeable boundary in new technological environments. These pieces used interactive computer technologies to hold up this slippage of the self as we have known it."