April 2, 2008

Diane Mullin

Diane Mullin, Associate Curator at the Weisman Art Museum, will be our special guest this evening.

She will be joining us for the two student-led colloquia of the evening and she will also introduce her work related to artist Lee Bul.

The following articles provide an introduction to some of Le Bul's work.

In his article issued in 2002 in Art and America, Frank Hoffman describes Lee Bul's work in the exhibition in this way, " cyborgs and karaoke: a traveling exhibition now at the New Museum in New York, highlights the recent karaoke-based work of a Korean artist known for her high-tech feminism and "global" fusions of culture."

Cyborgs and Silicon, relays a discussion with Korean artist Lee Bul and Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist about her exhibitin at MOMA.