September 12, 2008

Due October 3rd

Send to:

I am awaiting news from Dawei to confirm the details of the images and text needed for the catalog.

The components include:

a short bio - (word count forthcoming)

artist statement - (word count forthcoming)

images of your work (tiff/resolution forthcoming)

The Beijing Film Academy will use these for a catalog and for promotion.

These will be compiled for an eSend and FedEx

September 9, 2008


Collaborating Faculty:

Department of Art:
Lynn Lukkas
Tom Rose
Diane Willow

Collaborative Arts:
Ali Momeni
Michael Sommers

Collaborating Students:

Graduate Students
Department of Art:
T J Barnes
Katinka Galanos
Meng Tang

Undergraduate Student
Independent Majors Program:
Angela Olson

Research Collaborators:
Andrea Steudel– MAW research assistant

September 7, 2008

Available Equipment and Space Resources

The Beijing Film Academy has the following shared resources available:

- 15 moveable walls(for projecting or 2D works)
- at least 3 sets of projectors with DVD players
- 2-3 sets of power mac G5 with 20 inchs LCDs

The exhibition space:

- is below ground level and has no windows
- has ample power outlets on the ground and in the walls

Travel Schedule

Friday October 31st. - Exhibition Opening
Tuesday October 28th - The exhibition set up is scheduled to begin

A proposed group travel plan:

Friday October 24th - Depart Minneapolis
Saturday October 25th - Arrive Beijing

Sunday October 2nd - Depart Beijing
Sunday October 2nd - Arrive Minneapolis

Visa Application

Fill out this
Visa Application

Allow 2 weeks for the application to be processed.

The China Center will process your application for an additional fee or
you can use the agency that they recommend.

The China Center staff recommend that you send your application via a carrier that provides a tracking # and that you include a self addressed label (that also has a tracking #) for the return of the Visa.

Visa Application Process

The China Center is a very important and accessible resource.

You can find the details for the Visa Application process here.

Please note that:

you are applying for a TOURIST VISA.

prior to applying for a visa you will need official documentation of:
that you are in China)

you will need a PASSPORT PHOTO, stapled to your Visa Application
The Learning Abroad Center and Kinkos offer this photo service.

When completing your visa application leave sections 4.7 to 6.4 blank.

New Media Exhibition

At the invitation of the Beijing Film Academy,
Da Wei Xu and Diane Willow are co-curating
the new media exhibition themed Air and Water.

Scheduled to be presented from October 31st through November 14th, 2008,
this collaboration will include a range of perspectives and ways of working.

Together, the art faculty and students of the Beijing Film Academy and the University of Minnesota
explore a new context for sharing their diverging, emerging and elastic notions of new media.

These interpretations of new media reflect the approaches of artists working within a film academy and
artists working within an art department and a collaborative arts program within a research university.