BioArt Definition (Brianna Mattson)

1)To me, BioArt is the fusion of Biology and Art. To be more specific I would say that anything that uses art to show Biology or Biology to show Art can be considered "BioArt." To someone who is new to this concept I would tell them that seeing biology or representing it through art would be considered BioArt, and the other way around, if you were to see art in Biology, for example  bioluminescent bacteria, that too would fit the category of BioArt. My definition of BioArt surprisingly stayed about the same throughout the semester. At the beginning of the semester I believe I said it was seeing art through biology or seeing biology through art.


2) The BioArt exhibition was a great way for us to show what we really though BioArt was. I very much enjoyed brainstorming many different and some crazy ideas. Although some were not realistic it was still interesting to think about them and the fact that someone out there may in fact attempt it at some point. Myself and Feifei were partners in creating the "scent/color" association within the sensory group. We draped fabric (we used shirts from Michaels and cut them up/sewed them) over circular metal rings and left a small opening in the fabric. We made 8 such contraptions and hung them at "face height" in 2 rows, 4 in each row, lined up next to each other. We then proceeded to put particular scents that would usually be associated with their certain colors onto the fabric of one row of the hanging fabrics. We then mixed up the scents on the other row of the same colors. The intention of this piece was to get people thinking what we perceive to be "norms" and what our minds lead us to believe. From the piece I would hope that people get the idea that our bodies are complex pieces of art themselves and we should be aware that what we perceive to be "normal" isn't always the case. We must examine things not only with our obvious senses but with our minds as well. 

 I very much liked every other project I saw at the exhibition done by the other groups and those within my group. I loved the way the bioluminescent group presented their art, it was beautiful  and playful, great! I also loved the food group's edible world, one can think so many things from that one piece of art, that was one of my favorites. Overall, I think that the BioArt exhibition was as huge success in terms of the class portraying what BioArt is. However I would have liked to see more people at the show.


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