BioArt Definition (Charlene Bogonko)

At the beginning of the semester, I had no real idea of what BioArt was. I actually thought that the class was going to be centered around biology and that i had chosen the wrong seminar. However, as the semester progressed and we had in class discussions about what BioArt has been defined as and what we as a class thought it was, my idea of BioArt began to change. I began to think of BioArt as a mixture of art and biology, rather than just biology, but this was based only on the other BioArtists i had researched for our blog posts--their art had sure fire biological components. When we finally did our bioportraits is when i realized fully what BioArt meant to me. Its a personal expression of a fusion of the art world and the biological world. It is taking the concrete facts and knowledge of biology and artistically pieceing them together with those who express the art--humans. Its our way of tying the world around us into one whole which fully represents each and every one of us in ways we never would have seen before. Furthermore BioArt is innovative and forward form of art centered around biology that has shown to be able to present humanity with new solutions to problems and new ideas about who we are and what we can do. BioArt is the world around me and in me. BioArt is. 

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