bioart final assignment

To me BioArt had a very fluid definition at the start and continues to have one. I take BioArt as any form of art that has anything to do with biology. This could involving things that are living such as bacteria or just representations of things that are living such as nature photography or sculptural interpretations of nature. This leaves a very broad spectrum of art that could be considered BioArt but i think that part of it is also the artists intent. If the artist's point was to bring out the biological aspect of the art then that should show through and make it a more valid candidate for BioArt, however, the art could have an emphasis on something esle btu just happens to have biology involved. In this case i wuold still say that it was BioArt, btu there might be a better category to put it under or a better way to explain it if that wasnt what the artist intended. 

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