Bioart Final Reflection


I remember that at the beginning of this semester, I was confused about the definition of the word "bioart". It seems to me just a combine of biology and art: art about biology. I was confused about what kind of art can be bioart, and my question was, if it is really like that simple, what are we going to study for?

I found I learned something. Through the bioart pieces that everyone shares about, I found there are much more ways to create an art than expected before--far more than painting or handiwork, people use more scientific ways such like transgene to create new creature, that they called art. It mentioned me that, a lot of people think science and scientific method are boring, hard, and so academic, however, those people who don't like science, and people like me who love science because it is academic, both didn't realize that science can also be associated with beautiful art! Isn't it romantic :)

I also glad to have the chance to make art by myself. From the bioart project, to the final pieces. Everyone create their art in a different way. I'm in the food group. When the idea of food map came out, I used to doubt how can it be described in a biology way. What beyond me was that it came out so successful. This kind of persuaded me that, bioart really covered a broad field.

So... my definition about bioart now, is still as simple as "art about biology". To be more specifically, it should show a creative thought, a central idea about any aspect of the biological world that the author have, but no matter what way he use to express it. A successful bioart should be persuasive to make people thinking, and as we call it "art", it should have pleasant appearance.

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