BioArt Final Thoughts (Lauren Mackmiller)

Prior to begining this class and just hearing the word "BioArt" I thought it just had to deal with either drawing/painting/photographing biology or using plants/organic materials as a medium to make a piece.

Now I am more confused than ever because some people claim that genetic manipulation is art. I suppose the meaning behind it "makes" it art to them. I think that the definition of art can be in the eye of the beholder. I personally don't think the GFP bunny was art because in a science article, some scientists made a white puppy glow red when a certain light shined on it. I think that it is more scientific than art.

So overall, I think BioArt is using organic materials to create art still, and the genetic manupulation stuff, I think that some people can consider it art. But I personally don't think it is.

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