BioArt Final Thoughts

At the beginning of the semester I only thought of Bio-Art as a way to present living organisms in an art form. Either by munipulating and tweeking little things that will make someone think about what they think is going on. However this class has changed some of that idea. To me bioart is kind of like a science project. It presents current or new ideas and innovation for the public who may not be aware of it. Bio-art is not only limited to living things anymore. It may not even have any biology aspect until u think about the art-piece and it's message. For example, the world map made of chips and icing, made during the Bioart exhibition. At first it didnt look anything to do with bioart but if you think about it, you can connect food with people and how similar everbody around the world is. Just like the definition of art, i think that the definition of Bio-art is very fluid and is all up to the artist and viewers to interpret its meaning.

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