Final Reflection (John Romens)

Signing up for this seminar, I had virtually no grasp of what the realm of bioart included. I thought it consisted of genetically altering organisms in order to create natural forms with increased aesthetic properties. As a result of this class, I now feel that this unique type of art can include almost anything. My current definition of bioart is a piece of artwork that either relates to or incorporates a natural aspect into it. I also see science playing a smaller part in the concept now, which is probably the biggest change of opinion for me.

I was very impressed by the atmosphere generated at the exhibition. It seemed to convey everything that we had discussed previously; it was comfortable, mysterious, and very intriguing. When I walked through I thought that each of the projects contributed nicely to the complete sensory experience. The aromas from olfactory piece were the first thing to hit me when I walked into the exhibition, which I thought was a very cool aspect because you don't often encounter scents in an art show. If I were a visitor I would find the whole exhibition to be relaxing and interesting. The combination of smells, dim lighting, and sounds create a very comfortable environment, separating this show from others. 

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