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Brianna Mattson-Hok Se La Rabbit

When I was looking through the gallery, there were a lot of pieces I very much liked but there was one artist in particular that made me really look hard at his works and think deeply about them. His name is Gary Hallman and his works consisted of, If my memory serves me right, images with mixed environments all shoved together. The one that really got me looking at his works was called "Hok Se La Rabbit". It had both a city and a outdoors environment put together, not in any order, just kind of thrown into one another and at the very center was a rabbit. You could have easily missed it if you werent looking hard at it, it took me a minute just to see what the blotch in the middle of the work was. But it got me thinking, now im not sure what the artists true intentions were for this peice but It made think of how I really need to focus my attention on what makes sense in my life, like i needed to focus to see the rabbit. The rabbit in the work was the only clear thing there, everything else was jumbled and scrambled and didnt make sense. I saw the rabbit as something I need to really focus on in my life, like school, and as a reminder not to dwell on things past or bad things that don't make sense, like the environments surrounding the rabbit. I liked this piece very much and would love to see more of Gary's works.

Orlan - Will Gobeli

This week, I looked at an artist called Orlan.  She has a variety of different art works, some relating to biology and others not so much.  Orlan had a series of 9 major facial reconstructive surgeries to change aspects of her face to match famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa and Boticelli's Venus.  Her most recent work is called Self-Hybridation, in which she adds and manipulates her face to fit the 'ideal beauty' standard of various cultures.

Her website is

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