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Brianna Mattson BioPortrait

Xiaohan Wang's Bioportrait

Make a litter prepare before see it... I try to stop laughing when I see it... I'm not sure if I tough the meaning of "bioportrait", but what I'm trying to do is to find some resemblence between parts of my body and other creatures. Sea anemone on my head, ears is goldfish's fins, hair is a piece of leaf,  and also nails in my eyes. Funny looking


Emily Berlin's BioPortrait


Laura Nelson, Composition 1: Decomposition

Composition 1: Decomposition 

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John Romens BioPortrait


Amanda Yeager - Bioportrait

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Becoming an Ent... Jess Kessler

     Well this is my Bio Portrait. It shows me as a part of nature. I thought it would be cool to turn my hand into wood because of the similarities. My hand has fingerprints and grooves/scars that tell stories of what I have been through. Trees are the same. The rings in a tree's bark supposedly can indicate what age it is. Nature and civilization both require each other for life. We both need air and water.
   I named this piece "Becoming an Ent" because I am a huge nerd, and part of me will never grow up. (If you get the reference, your a nerd too!)

Lauren Mackmiller-portrait

my bioportrait

single bamboo in redwood forestFinal.jpg

My BioPortrait

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