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Victimless Leather alive at MOMA, an artist designed DIY Digestive Table for your kitchen, the One Tree series of genetically identical trees living in San Francisco, and artists "cultivating" consciousness with a Botanical Gameboy each hint at the range of contemporary artwork by artists whose creative research integrally links art and biology.

Exploring topics from ecology to molecular biology, artists are accessing, critiquing, and demystifying biotechnology. We will examine the collaborative process between scientist, artist, and the public, the questions that artists and scientists pose, the poetic and political implications of this art, the response of scientists to this portrayal, and ethical issues associated with the creation of this art.

These issues will be explored through engagement with living things, reading and discussions that develop critical thinking, as well as laboratory and studio sessions that lead to the creation of BioArt.

To see examples of the range of BioArt go to:

Eduardo Kac

Tissue Culture and Art Project

Amy Youngs

Steven Wilson's Links

Future Farmers

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