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Possible themes to explore:
importance of food aesthetics
awareness of food content
dependence on staple foods (grains, milk, eggs, etc.)
where do products of digestion go?

How will we present our ideas?
-eliminate staple out of food (what does a cookie look like without flour?)
-present an ironic display of food (chocolate truffles shaped like hep-C virus)
-take x-ray images of food being digested in the body
-take dye out of food 
-body sculpture made of food
-make a "food series" with increasingly fancier representation of food

Visitor interaction
-provide food samples
-create aroma for added experience
-blindfold guests

Which food should we use?

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Hi Laura,
Here is some idea about the body sculpture I got:
Since one kind food will not go into only one part of our body, I suggest the sculpture to contain those food which is representative of the most important component in each part of the body, or, in other words, good for that part of body. With the project we can write some discripitions for that.
Here is my idea:
1. the outest layer - fat - chololate
2. inner layer- flesh and muscle- protein and energy - fat free milk/egg white/animal meat(we can see which one is easist for us to make the sculpture); carbohydrate(offer the energy)
3. bones - Ca - cheese
4. blood vessels - Fe -
Brown sugar can be the best choice~

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