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December 3, 2007

Wiring for QT411


December 2, 2007

Silicone specs

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The local source for the resin used to cast the sculptural interface is Sterling Supply, Inc.

459 Harding St Ne
Minneapolis, MN 55413
(612) 331-5125


Hiawatha Metal Craftis a local source for anodizing metal.

We will be anodizing the 3 corrugated aluminum panels.

robotic skin - silicone

Polytek makes a type of silicone, PlatSil Gel 10 that mimics the quality of human skin. The intention of the Cascade interface is not to reproduce the "feel" of human skin, rather the intent is to bring a heightened awareness to the experience of touch. The quality of the surface can be tuned with the variable addition of a "deadening agent" which in the case of Cascade presents a very responsive surface which is very appealing to touch.

This sensuous surface rests upon an undulating sculptural interface which invites a wavelike gesture that traces this form.