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Here's what I can remember with respect to things that have already been mentioned. If anything's redundant with Matt and Jason's posts, just ignore.

1) The possibility of placing white LEDs around the "hard" edges of the couch. They could be addressable for extra fun, or simply on one circuit to light the whole sucker up.

2) LED "clustering". Basically we can take one white, one bipolar red/green/yellow, and one blue LED and place them together in a single cluster, then place clusters in a grid organization around the visible portions of the couch. Granted, it would be difficult/impossible to make purple or orange hues in this sort of configuration, but it would be much more cost effective, and as I understand, RGB may not be too good at coloring mixing anyway.

3) Placing cheap white LEDs in random places to represent small points of light. Lighting all the blues and all of these random LEDs could produce a starry sky effect, depending on how the couch diffuses light. If it requires drilling for these to actually look like points, it's probably not worth it.

4) The possibility of fairly complex designs and patterns that could resemble something, like a sprouting/growing tree. Clearly this also depends on the diffusion of light through the couch.

5) Phototransistors would probably be the best way of checking the time of day, if we don't have some kind of internet system hooked up. The couch could fairly easily tell the difference between day and night, even if it was an extremely cloudy day.

6) Some links I found that had some interesting products that we may want to consider:
Bipolar LED, can display red, green, or yellow. $0.33 each.
Bipolar LED, can display red, green, or yellow. $0.20 each.
Basically any type of resistor we need, $3.50 per 100. Probably the easiest way to get them, since digikey requires you buy thousands of them at a time.
7) Spencer mentioned consulting with the stockroom to see if we can get resistors or LEDs for significantly cheaper.

8) Scheduling. Since the Doodle module only had a few availability slots, I think it would just be easier for us to post our schedule, and we can figure out any time that 4+ of us can meet and do meaningful work on the couch.
Monday after 3:00pm.
Tuesday between 1:00pm and 2:30pm, and after 3:45pm.
Wednesday after 1:00pm.
Thursday after 1:00pm.
Friday after 1:00pm.
Saturday and Sunday I am usually free, save for weekends that I leave to go home or am occupied with other things.

If you would please reply to this post in a comment with your availability, I would appreciate it.

9) In the upcoming days I'll be working on making a Gantt chart to better organize our upcoming tasks. I think once we get the couch and can confirm measurements and exactly how it diffuses light, we'll have a better idea of what will be feasible and what won't.


My availability:

All tuesday, All thursday.

(after sr. design works better, as i would have to get off of work in the mornings. but, i can work around it if only mornings are available)