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Hey guys, lets start organizing some ideas for this thing. One way to go about doing this is to categorize ideas. The way I look at it, the couch has to act like a living thing. That is, it has to perceive it's environment through sensors, and respond through..... responses :] .

"Receptivity & Responsiveness" is our theme here.

-Optical sensors (including PIR, and/or smaller IR sensors)
-Pressure/Force Sensors
-Vibration Sensors (accelerometers?)
-Weather (through internet query)
-Time of day
-Bluetooth devices/traffic
-Wi-Fi traffic

-Changing colors and other LED lighting (I assume this will be the primary means of communication for the couch.)
-Displaying usage statistics (display this on a webserver?)
-Animations (on a projection display, or laser display?)
-Changing Moods (affects other responses)

Here are some links to equipment we should consider evaluating for use on this project:
-PIR Motion Detector from (Jason, I think you found one that might work better if we want a smaller range... could you post that?)
-BlinkM module from, see the BlinkM Website for more info. Also see this website for a neat video of the BlinkM in action.
-The Arduino and Arduino accessories.
-RGB LED light strip I have one of these that I can bring in, although I am not overly impressed with it's red component or color mixing performance.
-A nice big 7-Segment LED display. Mike, I stole that one from you.
-Ultrasonic Range Finders I forget who's idea this one was, but the LV-EZ1 page has example arduino code.
-Infrared Detector/Phototransistor Module These would be a cheap & easy way to detect nearby objects.

I also have a copy of this book that I will bring in. It has a bunch of projects utilizing the arduino and example code for interfacing it with your computer and other objects. It also has some pretty cool project ideas :].

I will also bring in a few different RGB LEDs that I'm not using, we can evaluate their performance in lab. (I have both 5mm LEDs and 3W high power LEDs. I'm also waiting on some samples from Kingbright that I will bring in later on)

That's all I can think of for now. If anyone knows when the couch will arrive, please post that. I will try to get a hold of an arduino ASAP so we can start evaluating that.