April 17, 2008

Atmospheres of the cube seats

Breathing Space

The fabrication of the programmable lighting of the three cube seating elements is progressing well.

The concept of a breathing space will guide the design of the dynamic behavior of the cubes as we begin to think about them as programmable atmospheres that create responsive environments for experience.

Each cube seat has multiple modalities.

Each has it’s resting state, it’s responsive atmosphere when someone chooses to sit on it, as well as an additional mode as part of the collective atmosphere of the three cube seats in communication with one another.

These three modalities, resting, responsive and collective interaction guide the algorithms that we develop,

The notion of breathing space is key. What about the dynamic and responsive lighting and color shifts helps people to take a moment to shift from being in motion to being momentarily still.

How does this personal sense of taking a “breather" become a social experience?

How do the cube seats invite passersby to relax for a moment?