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Ali Momeni

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Artist: Ali Momeni

Title: MAW-wall
Year: 2008

Ali Momeni’s participation in Air and Water is comprised of abstract painting using real-time software, a gesture controller, and panoramic projections

Artist Statement:
Ali Momeni studied physics and music and completed his doctoral degree in music composition, improvisation and performance with computers from the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies in UC Berkeley. Amongst his creative works are a number of collaborative pieces with Robin Mandel that involve large multi-performer musical instruments using pantographs, joysticks, and rhythmic smoke rings. He has also worked on pervasive games that transform neighborhoods into playgrounds, performed his gestural instruments in large scale operas, worked with language and accents in an interactive sound installation for the Exploratorium, and put to use stethoscopes in exploring sound.

His interests are in computation and interactivity in the arts, technologically mediated social interaction, gesture-to-sound/image mappings, kinetic sculpture and data-driven search and synthesis techniques. Presently, he is particularly engaged in real-time video and large-scale projections in public spaces through his project Minneapolis Art on Wheels.

Ali Momeni is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Interdisciplinary Program in Collaborative Arts and the Department of Art.