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Diane Willow

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Artist: Diane Willow

Title: Air into Water
Year: 2008

After living at the edge of the continent of North America all of my life, I have moved to the land in the middle. I find myself thinking about the flux and flow of the sea, the mysteries that the tides bring in and carry out. Air into Water is a meditation on the permeable boundaries of atmosphere and ocean, the intermingling of two fluids, air and water,

Artist Statement:
Diane is a multi-modal artist. She invites people to engage in multi-sensory explorations as participants and choreographers rather than as viewers She is particularly interested in empathy, in the ways that we develop and transform our sense of place and how these processes are influenced by our contemporary views of nature, technology and community. Her public installations, interactive environments and evocative objects involve media as eclectic as bioluminescent plankton, embedded computers, kinetic projection screens, found sound and time-lapsed video

Currently an Assistant Professor working with new media and new genres within the Department of Art, Diane’s appointment to the faculty of the University of Minnesota follows a multi-year appointment as artist in residence at the MIT Media Lab.