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Exhibition Images and Text

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The list of artists, the titles of their artworks and installation details follow.

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The list of artists and the titles of the artwork:

Diane Willow - Air into Water

Lynn Lukkas - Looking Back, HoiAn October 1999

Ali Momeni - MAW-wall

Meng Tang - The World

TJ Barnes - river

Katinka Galanos - (In Iteration)

Installation details

All 6 works are video works

5 will be presented in the gallery.

Of these:

1 projector will project the work of
Lynn Lukkas

1 projector will project video within an interactive installation by
Diane Willow

1 projector will project a loop of the video work of 3 MFA students:
Meng Tang
TJ Barnes
Katinka Galanos

1 will be presented as outdoor projections by
Ali Momeni with Andrea Steudel.