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Lynn Lukkas

You can download the text file for Lynn Lukkas here.

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Artist: Lynn Lukkas

Title: Looking Back, HoiAn October 1999
Year: 2008

The footage for this video installation was shot while traveling in Vietnam in 1999. Having arrived in HoiAn just ahead of a violent typhoon I found myself stranded, while rain poured unceasingly for three days and nights. I found refuge, along with other tourists, in a clean white hotel on higher ground, all the while the people of HoiAn walked, boated, motored and pedaled about me, belongings in their arms, fleeing the water. (This work is a re-edited version of an earlier work titled Oculus: HoiAn).

Artist Statement
My work is about one of our most fundamental human drives, to understand one’s self in relation to their world. This has taken me from early altered photographic images culled from Art History and popular culture that explored questions of female identity to more recent interactive and film/video work that explores human consciousness through metaphors of immersion, of space, and of time. My work explores formal and conceptual contradictions – embodying the ephemeral and the palpable, the miniature and the gigantic, the social and the intimate, presence and absence, the container and the contained, contraction and expansion, and interior and exterior. These metaphors and dichotomies form the poetic language of my work.

Lynn Lukkas is currently Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Art and the Interdisciplinary Program in Collaborative Arts.