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Meng Tang

The text for Meng Tang can be downloaded here.

Continue reading and you can also see the text that is contained in the file:

Artist: Meng Tang

Title: The World
Year: 2008

Contemporary art is difficult to define after the 1980’s. The general public often finds itself at odds with the perceived values of art and its institutions. While many artists have gained fame or success, this still doesn’t lead to a hoped for "cultural utopia"

Artist Statement:
In “The World?, the artist Meng Tang, expresses her feelings towards the world as she investigates particular aspects of nature and society. According to Tang, “As an artist, I am motivated to explore as many perspectives as I possibly can.? She has been experimenting with making her work visually accessible to the sometimes divergent audiences of the art field and the general public. She is interested in making her ideas comprehensible and visible to people with varied cultural perspectives.

Meng Tang is an MFA candidate at the University of Minnesota where she is exploring digital arts. She pursues her work with the hope that it may offer people a sort of “cultural utopia?. Knowing that ‘cultural utopia’ has different meanings for different people, she is interested in the multiple perspectives that people will bring to her work.