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Effervescent is an interactive sound installation. Three elements comprise this participatory installation:

• the 60 gallon, cylindrical vessel of water with suspended hydrophone

• a glass vessel containing effervescent powders and a bamboo scoop for carrying the powder to the vessel of water

• one felt circle marking the listening zone positioned beneath the audio spotlight and locating the only place where the sonic effect of the effervescent powders interacting with the water can be heard.

This sound installation is a live compositional environment. Each person is invited to compose within the sonic spectrum of ephemeral effervescence, choosing how much effervescent powder and at what rate and for which duration she/he will add the powders to the vessel of water,

It is also intended to be a gifting environment in which the person/s choosing to compose with the powder create an effervescent sonic experience for the the people immersed in the effervescence that becomes audible only while standing in the zone within the felt circle.

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