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HRJ's Comments

Untitled by Peter Bugg

From first glance, the concept is relatively simple: magazine pages torn from an October issue of Vogue with words. The picture itself consists of a model, heavily made up, dressed in lingerie, lying on the grass with her legs suggestively spread apart. Holes have been punched out in the paper forming negative space that has a visual impact because the space actually forms letters and complete sentences.

What I found most interesting is the following: He begins by talking a woman in the role of a femme fatale & prostitute archetypal. Then switches thoughts completely talks about the victimization of some women because of social norms. Once again, switching thoughts completely, he takes about women in the mother and princess archetypes. Finally he concludes with the goddess archetype.

It is unclear if the artist intended to suggest archetypes however; it makes one think about the various roles of women play in daily life.