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NAGAS-Susan Andre

Gazelle Samizay
Video 2008
NOSH-E (Bon Appetit)

The audio pulled me in.

I tried to hear, and listen, but the whispering of multiple stories - each I wanted to hear- made my heart beat loud. Each ear was hearing a different story and my eyes were watching the telling of secrets, I tired not breathing so I could hear better. I tried to cut off my other senses, my other ear's hearing, so that I could hear the story with one ear.

The stories were like pebbles being dropped into calm water, first one, then another, and then another -- the ripples were overlapping and I was not able to capture any specific story, only fragments. The struggle to hear a story over, and under, other audio tracks made the secret even more desirable to hear.

The ending of the video, the eating, was satisfying (pun). At first it seemed too matter of fact that the woman who made the food was eating it along with the male but after thinking about it, it made profound sense-we consume our own secrets in private and those who we share our lives with consume them without knowing.

Questions to ask the artist:
1) How did you gather the stories? Were they made-up or shared with you by women you interviewed?
2) Did any of the stories work better in one language more than another language?
3) Were you able to share this video with your family?