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NAGAS - Amanda Rasmussen

Title: Pastel Splash
Artist: Kelly Manning
Medium: Pastel on Paper

I was first attracted to this piece because I initially thought it was a photograph and not a pastel. When I discovered it was a pastel, I was in awe. The color was rich and the detail was significant. I never expected a simple image of hands and feet in a bathtub could be so intense with the bubbles and details of an old fashioned bathtub. I was especially pleased to find the small details of hairs on the arms, a brass ring on a finger, and aged-looking knuckles. When you took a step back, these details disappeared but they supported the piece very well when noticed. I could not imagine the patience and practice it took the artist to control and manipulate the pastels in that fashion. I have previously worked with pastel and understand its difficulties. Overall, it was the likeness to a photo that impressed me the most about this pastel piece.

The questions that I would pose to the artist include:
1) What drew you to the subject matter of hands and feet in the bathtub?
2) What were your greatest struggles using pastel as your medium?
3) What does this piece of artwork mean to you.. or how does it represent you?

~Amanda Rasmussen