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NAGAS: Blowhole I: an etching Comments by Anita Wallace

The piece that most attracts me is an etching called Blowhole I. The reason I am drawn to it is that I used to make prints and do etchings and I haven't done them in a long time. Printmaking is a long process and is extremely hard work. It is a challenge to get the spontaneity and detail that one wishes to achieve. I love black and white pieces and I particularly love the etching process with the textures and stipple effects.

Questions I would ask the artist:

1) I would ask to see the various stages of the print to see how it was built up from the beginning and how the layers were build upon one another.

2) I would ask to see the log of the printmaker to see how long she left the etching in the acid at each stage.

3) I would ask how she got certain thread effects and how she worked different areas of the print.

4) I would ask her about the title and what her inspirational process was when she first conceived of the idea for the print.