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NAGAS - Edward Heyl

WOW, Lori Gilbert, Intaglio

I was really drawn to this print at first because of the combination of a beautiful cloud and figure. I was especially caught by the fine, clean needlework on the girl and the cross-hatching in the clouds. Actually, I'm rather envious of her line work, as I took a printmaking class last semester and couldn't seem to get that effect. What I find interesting is the use of color and underlying meaning in this work. The orange "wow" pops against the blue background which in turn cuts against the white of the cloud, giving it a realistic edge. The meaning becomes apparent when you look a little under the cloud and notice it is billowing upwards and the blue background features Japanese rice fields and a farmhouse in the distance.

The three questions I would pose to the artist are: What connection do you have to the nuclear bombing of Japan? What emotions were you trying to evoke with this work? Do you have any special techniques for achieving the clean style of linework that you have?