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NAGAS exhibition

Title: Decay of the Domestic #1
Artist: Kimberly Thomas

This work is a photo of the inside of an apparently old house, maybe from the seventies. I really like the arrangement of lines within the photo. Stairs coming down from the ceiling to the left, between two vertical lines on either side, one a doorway, and the other the wall. Horizontal lines from the oven in the background, and the window on the wall. What I really like is that the house appears to be breaking down, all of the lines are going in slightly different directions, not perpendicular to each other at all. That coupled with the faded pastel colors of the photo really suggests what the title says, "decay". There are also old vines that are dead and dried up, climbing up the wall, which seems strange for the inside of a house.

1. Where is this house, and does anyone still live there?
2. Did you alter the tone of the color in this image, or was it just a point and shoot situation?
3. Were you aware of the arrangement of lines and their effect on the feeling the image evokes?