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NAGAS - Kacee Thao

I just noticed this never got published, sorry for the late post.

Title: Hideaway, 2007 - Kendrid Lanson

This artwork, Hideaway, interested me the most out of all the others. It wasn't a photo, video, or random creative painting, I felt it was an emotion painted by the artist. In this painting, there was white snow on the ground and stood tall black trees surrounding a colorful, I would say, tent, tipi, or, a flame. I felt that the artist exaggerated the paint, where blogs of paint would stick up and dried to stay, to show how strong of the emotion is. In this colored tent was an opening that showed a shadow of a person hiding inside. I believe this is where the title came from.
The paint that sticked out and the color attracted me to this work. Black and white are the main colors except for the colorful tent. My conclusion of this piece is that I think the artist was trying to explain something about two worlds, a black and white, and a colorful one.

Three questions I would pose to the artist is:

What did the artist truly felt during time he/she was painting?

Why did he/she decided to use color and what does it represent?

What did the artist want the audience to get out of this work?