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NAGAS - Kalyn Williams

I found the piece "Hideaway" by Kendra Larson of the University of Wisconsin - Madison to be one of the most compelling pieces in the gallery. I was drawn to it at first because of the bright colors that were used in the center of the canvas. Upon closer inspection, it appeared that the piece was depicting a wintry day in the middle of a forest. There was a tipi-like structure in the middle constructed out of lines of brightly-colored caulk.

I thought the piece as a whole was really interesting because a hideaway is supposed to be just that...somewhere where someone can go to hide and get away from the world, and the hideaway in the piece was brightly colored and stood out against the black and white background, which doesn't seem to make it a very efficient hiding place. I also thought there was an interesting use of tar; it was used to add texture to the canvas and possibly to suggest pine trees in the foreground. The thing that MOST interested me, however, was that there were shapes inside the hideaway, but they weren't well-defined. I think it's left up to interpretation as to what any particular person thinks is hiding inside; I think it's the artist herself.

The three questions I would pose to the artist behind "Hideaway" are as follows:

1. I understand the irony behind making the hideaway brightly colored; however, how did you color the caulk, and did you choose those particular colors because of their brightness?

2. In your interpretation, what's hiding in the hideaway?

3. The viewer's eye is drawn immediately to the burst of color in the middle of "Hideaway". However, there is a great amount of detail in the black and white trees around the edges of the piece. Are they drawn in such detail to draw some attention away from the center?