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NAGAS - Kausigan

This looks like the guys in the picture are set off for a drama performance. It is a drama theater because of the diversity of the pictures in the background.

It seems like the six of the people and the middle aged man (standing)might know each other very well...Except for the man and the speaker (in curly hair) every body seems to be in constant thought. It is a creative class where expressing natural expressions is being discussed in depth. Might be they are trying to act out something that happened recently or in the past. Its like they playing the life of Anne Frank with their own changes made in to it for the taste of the audience.

There is one man ( the curly hair) who doesnt seem to be out of the box meaning that he is not a dramatist..Might be someone who is in charge of the drama theaters decorations. All of them in the picture seem to be extroadinary artists also to whom the ordinary life matters. The dramatists have had a significant amount of expression, one thing I dont know is whether they learnt it all from their boss or the speaker in the picture ( standing wisely) or is he their almost new boss.

The boss or the main speaker in the picture seems to have come to a critical point. He has made a point (thats why to re-state the point his left hand comes out from its folded position. The left hand remains folded and the picture was taken at a brief moment..

Also the location asuming should be non-urbanl and old....

Louisa Marie Summer
Archival fine art print