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NAGAS - Pang Houa Yang

The North American Graduate Art Survey contained much originality in its artistic pieces. The videos, along with the audio, reminded me of familiar things that exist in our day to day lives, such as the art of dress-up dolls, cooking and eating, organizing furniture, and our reactions to touch. A photograph that stuck out to me was the "McHenry Outdoor Theater", taken by Liz Schrenk, 2007. What caught my attention was the shape of the photograph. It was not a typical 8x12 frame. Instead, it was about 1.5 ft. tall and 4-5 ft. wide. In this photograph there is an outdoor theater, obviously, and before the monstrous screen is cars parked in single file rows. Bordering the event is a never ending wooden gate. There are bright green trees outside of the gate, along with electricity lines that brush just the tips of the treetops. The lighting in the photograph is very strange. It appears as though a great thunderstorm had just passed overhead, and the sun is just beginning to come back or starting to set. There are no people in sight, except on the black and white screen. This photograph sets a peaceful, isolated, and almost romantic mood.