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NAGAS - Pao Ye Xiong

When I came across the print, I was attracted to the white color. I first noticed the white figure that shapes like a human upper body. Right away, I felt like I could not breath because I thought of the person behind the white soup bubbles or what ever the white cover was made of. Then as I stood there, I also felt like I could not move because the person looks like he/she was being frozen or stuck inside the figure. Then I noticed the hair. I thought that the artist must want the viewers to feel like they are lost inside the figure. I stood next to the art piece for a little while and the whole time when I was there, I felt like I was helpless. I was holding my breath with the person inside the figure. I felt like I was trying to break free from the "mask" or figure. That was a good experience with art. That was the first time that I actually feel like being inside an art piece or putting myself inside the art piece. That piece of art did a very good job at grabbing me and made me felt lost and trap. Good job to Laura Swanson!

Questions for the artist:
1) What is the white stuff that covers the person in the print?
2) What motivated you to do this piece?
3) Do you feel stuck like I do when looking at this piece of art?

WHite (Self-portrait) 2007
by Laura Swanson