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The piece that was one of the most aesthetically pleasing, for me, was the piece by Sean P. Morrissey titled Upstate New York. The simple block shapes hint at the title in a very subtle way (i.e. blue inclining shape as the bottom layer may suggest a river?) The piece said just enough to portray the idea and I really appreciated that.

I also liked the piece by Peter Bugg. It may have not been the most beautiful of the pieces in the show but I liked how the cut out lettering juxtaposed the page of Paris Hilton. The text is what got me; the author talks about a girl who was incredibly popular at the time and beautiful, but like a stripper, that's all people see of her. I think what the artist is trying to say is, at one point Paris Hilton could have been that girl that everyone loved to hate, especially in high school. And at the same time everyone is so jealous of her because she really couldn't have been that dumb with the successful career she has now.

Overall, the show was pretty interesting and it still delivered some beautiful pieces. Especially the photography.

If I was to ask the artist (Sean P. Morissey) three questions:
1. What motivated you to create this piece?
2. Upstate New York is a pretty dense place, why go the path of a minimalist style?
3. Do you/would you create more of these in a series to represent other locations?

-Tom Woodling