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Collaborative Portrait: Andre Wallace



Collaborative Self Portrait by Andre Wallace (Susan Andre and Anita Wallace)

Each of us created our own self portraits and then came together as collaborators. It is interesting because each of us began with words/definitions in creating our pieces. Susan, began her piece thinking about layers and filters, and I began my piece reflecting on the definitions of "essence" and "autobiography".

When we looked at the pieces to see how to combine them in a graphic layout, we first looked at them side by side. This seems logical, the most "democratic" or egalitarian approach. But my gut feeling was that Susan's piece being visual and my piece being text-based, that a natural combination might be my piece as a subtext to hers. Both pieces combine many layers and filters and we joined them together to try to create a seamless juncture of the pieces. The geometric forms are echoed in the two pieces, and the colors of red, green, and black, and the textual aspects interplay back and forth to unify the final collaborative portrait.