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Artist Presentation: Charles Woodman by Anita Wallace

Reserve date of April 28 for Anita Wallace on Charles Woodman.

Anita Wallace will present the electronic work of Charles Woodman. I met Charlie back when we were both freshmen at Ripon College in 1974. His sister was Francesca Woodman, the photographer. His parents are Betty Woodman, the ceramics artist, and George Woodman, the painter.

I am interested in Charlie's work because he is an artist who was a colleague when we were 18 years old. He came to my house for Thanksgiving in November 1974 and my family thought he was very strange. He thought my family was very strange. I was jealous of him because both his parents were artists and he grew up surrounded by art. His family went to Europe every summer and had a home in Italy. We shared a house during the following summer and I remember he criticized how I diced carrots into such uniform pieces. He thought I could do it more asymmetrically. Eventually Charlie transferred out of Ripon because he knew that he wanted to work in video and film. He went to Antioch College in Yellow Springs Ohio to complete his undergraduate degree. He later went on to make documentary films and video. I have followed his work over the years and am very drawn to the type of work that he is doing. I will expand upon what this is in my presentation.