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Artist Presentation Guide

Presentation Guide

Chose a contemporary (living) artist or collaborative group of artist as the focus of your presentation.
Select an artist whose work relates to the areas that we are exploring in our course: digital imaging, sound art, video art, interactive art, experimental art.

Include the following in your Artist Presentation:

- Background information about the artist.

- Discuss what attracted you to the work of this artist.

- Highlight two examples of this artist's work and use these to describe the artist's relationship to the ideas that inform this work.

-Describe how these works relate to the artist's larger body of work.

- Relate this artist, via content, process, technology, perspective, etc. to that of another contemporary artist or artists from another time period.

- Discuss how this artist's work informs your own thinking.

>>>>>Following your presentation<<<<<

- enter a post on the blog that includes the information described above

- links to examples of the artist's work

- Statement describing how this artist's work and/or process informs your thinking.