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Digital Art Reading


1.- Digital Art is a positive tool that creates abstract pictures, collages, arts, but in a sense of its negativity, it could also mess with realism in the history of photography. Can this negativity be made in a positive sense that it brings history back, not changing what it speaks, but telling it in a better way?

2.- Digital Art has its way of not just advancing and improving the art work itself but combining with originality, making it better and new. Like on page 56, Chris Finley combines his painting with digital templates. Because digital arts is advancing, so as technology, will the originality of the first style of creating arts wear away?

3.Video seems to be the medium that can capture and show more realism than any other digital technology. What are the advantages of video, compared to other medium, that it has in the future as technology advances, and will there ever be another medium that can top it?