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Nash Gallery exhibition - Experimental and Media Art

2009 Katinka Galanos

Katinka’s conceptually inverted use of the technology, and subject matter, drew me into her world where a landscape is projected (actually miniaturized) onto an intimate 3” x5” screen. The petite illuminated landscape is perceived as precious and refined. The motorized “cha-chunk” of the projector introduces each slide and creates an auditory drama. The landscapes seem to be from vintage postcards or movie stills of 1940 Tarzan movie sets-pseudo/ stylized jungle.

Some of the slides appeared to have technical difficulties but were actually cropped in quadrants making the images appear to be falling out of the slide holder. Whereas some technologies are designed for obsolescence, Katinka’s slides are designed with an aesthetic malfunction.

I found myself feeling impatient while waiting for the shuffle of slides to make their way around the carousel and I wanted to advance the projector myself. The technology of the projector slowed me down. This slow-down is in complete contrast to technology typically being used to make things in our life go faster.