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Questions and Observations of Amanda Rasmussen


Three things that stuck out to me were:

1. I was intrigued by the range for technology, as mentioned on page 29, where it described technology as not only an art medium but an everyday tool. This was in reference to the ability to merge photos to either create an art piece of major actresses or create aged photos of people involved in child abductions, kidnappings, or missing persons crimes.

2. I discovered that the supply of materials to create digital art is endless. An example was found on page 117, where there was discussion about remixing browser pages of CNN to create CNN Interactive Just Got More Interactive, a piece that intertwined music and viewer selection to create the “news” of the piece.

3. One repeating theme that I noticed was the virtual versus physical space. It was first mentioned on page 77, “virtual space would not be visible and accessible, without the screen’s grid of light, which is an essential element of this space’s construction.” The other comment I discovered was interpreting from the viewer’s perspective and its relation to virtual and physical space, “The virtual world that users experience may not physically exist and only part of it may be visible on the screen, but at the same time it always exists as a mathematical construct” (p. 96). This determines that we cannot have virtual space without physical space, and the creation of virtual space is primarily imaginative.

Three things I questioned were:

1. What are the limits of interactivity and participation in digital art? It seems as though some digital artwork has the ability to adjust to any viewer’s desires (p. 67).

2. If digital art is available for free on the internet, what is its actual cost to the viewer? How do you appropriate value a piece of digital art?

3. Where is digital art heading? What are your predictions for the future in terms of prevalence, usage, and possibilities?

~Amanda Rasmussen