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Archaeology of Conceptions

Alright so I'm not exactly sure who's work this was (I believe Katinka) but I responded greatly to it's dualities and visual effects. It is simply a white sheet of paper with white reflective text. I was initially drawn in by the aesthetic of the work and its similarity to a drawing done by a student exhibited in the west side of Regis.

It can be viewed from three visual perspectives, which imply vastly different emotions and definition to the text itself. Walking up from one side, you might see the grey text on white and read it as a straightforward letter or transcribed discussion. Centered, the text practically disappears and a fleeting, transient element is added, the words lose meaning but the ethereal nature of the ink fascinates like magic. Finally walking past, the text is illuminated, lighter than the paper, and one rereads the words in their shining angelic light with awe. The meaning of the words, a sort of discussion or argument, but more likely a self-contained thought process of a worried mind, is controlled by the relative light, ranging from melancholy to transcendent to insane and on.

1. What effects did you hope to evoke with the use of the reflective ink?
2. Where did the text come from?
3. How does this fit in with or set itself apart from the rest of your works in the gallery?