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Arist Presentation

Romero Britto

Background information

Born in 1963 in Brazil
Pop artist
As young adult, moved to Miami, FL
Use to paint on scraps of cardboard and newspaper
Moved to Europe and America to sell his art
1989, designed a bottle label for Absolut Vodka
Then commissioned by Pepsi, Cola, Grand Marnier, Disney, IBM, Apple Computers, UN stamp series, official artist for Latin Grammy Awards
Donates time and work to charitable causes to:
Amnesty international, Red Cross, American Cancer Society, AIDS research, maintenance of Brazilian rainforest.
Designed cover for Michael Jackson’s CD benefiting victims of World Trade Center, organ donation
Gained popularity by doing portraits of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Jordan, David Rockefeller, etc.
Named the state of Florida’s ambassador of the Arts.

His Art
Use vibrant, bold, sub-tropical colors separated and give emphasis using thick black lines
He sees art as vehicle for carrying messages of joy and celebration of life.
Combines elements of cubism, pop art, & graffiti painting
Makes fine art prints, sculptures, & portraits
South Beach on Lincoln Road
Midtown Miami
MUSEUM Acquisition
CA, FL, Brazil, PA, NY, MI, Venezuela, MA, Amsterda-Holland

Website link: http://www.britto.com/

My attraction to his work:
How he works his color, his inspiration, pursuit, & purpose. I was attracted to his work because of the bright colors he used and the child-like designs. It seems sort of simple with shapes and simple designs with different color usages but I think it brings a lot of positive emotions. I’m sort of a simple person and I see his work is not difficult abstract but easy to read and interesting. It’s simple, entertaining, creative, and happy.

Two examples of this artist’s work and its relationship to the ideas that inform this work
Cheek to cheek – uses multiple usages of colors. Different shapes, design to bring out his creativity. He creates a positive mood with his scattered colors and simple designs. Even though he uses simplicity, you can still form out the figures he is trying to present. & the title makes sense with the art.
…same with…
Great Coffee – The title makes sense and corresponds fairly well with his art. There’s the coffee cup, the heart, to represent its greatness, and background designs and solid colors to persuade it.

How these works relate to the artist’s larger body of works
It relates to his larger body of works because through is little details, specific shapes, solid colors, patterns, added all together it creates and promotes a strong happy feeling. Like he said, “For me, art can reflect the celebration of the simple and good things in life. This is most important to me!” And through his art, it helps promote his purpose and inspiration in life. Britto art that brings that simple & good thing in life, an art of healing through happiness.
He is also known as a pop artsit because of his artistic skills work with his colors, it makes his work look brand new, not old or vintage, just like a pop artist.

Relate artist to another artist

Relate to MeDAD’s.
A painter, lives in U.S.
His art work highly differs from Britto.
Uses a lot of surrealism.
His techniques are bright sharp colors and egdes
His art work is more realistic than Britto. Which makes Britto work more of entertaintment and fun while MeDAD’s work is more serious and in depth.
Emphasizes more on shades and ripples to make painting more realistic and real.

How Britto work informs my thinking
Art can be more than just seriousness; it can be fun and entertaining. The more entertaining, creative, & unique, the more attraction is gets from audience from kids to teens to adults.
I always thought art had to be complex, confusing, where only people with the talented ability could succeed. In all, art is just another of representing who you are & what your purpose of the art you make is in life. The more real you are with your art and with yourself, the better it is no matter how you do it.
Audience find his artwork how he portrays it specifically and no other way. Britto way of happiness is poured out onto his work where others can receive it too.


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