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Artist Presentation: Nathalie Djurberg

Nathalie Djurberg, 30s, Video artist from Sweden. She was a horrible painter, in fact, her professor asked her to stop painting. She almost dropped out of art school, Malmo Art Academy in Sweden where she was an MFA student. Then she discovered animation/claymation and boxing. (The boxing helped her understand how much she could endure.) It was the summer of 1999 when she picked up the a super 8 and really began working with some of her drawings and claymation characters No one really taught her about stop motion she simply figured it out.

Attraction to:
What my attraction to Natalie is both in our 30s, have formal training but most of our interests are self -taught. Importantly, as artisans stylistically defined and have a clear vision of whom we are as artists.

Two Examples:
Larger body of work:
Nathalie use of multi-media in her work: clay (hand building), drawing, Photoshop, photography, storytelling, stop motion, puppets, sound and video. She truly creates a multi sensory experience. Nathalie also crosses into the fashion world.

Another artist connection:
Dave McKean
In Dave McKean’s work he uses: puppets, masks, drawings, paintings, Photoshop, video, stop motion, storytelling. Dave crosses into the semi-mainstream publishing, CD covers etc.

Influence on thinking:
Continuing to take risks with my craft, using the tools and techniques that I’ve learned over the years.