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Artist Presentation on Drew, by David Wollschlager

Drew is the creator/author/illustrator of the web comics Toothpaste for Dinner and Married to the Sea. He maintains Married to the Sea with the help of his wife, Natalie. Natalie also has her own web comic called Natalie Dee. Drew and Natalie live in Columbus, Ohio where they enjoy the quiet pleasures of the Midwest as they make a living by selling merchandise based on their comics.

Go here to see all of their work!
Toothpaste for Dinner
Married to the Sea
Natalie Dee

Read these statistics!
Toothpaste For Dinner statistics:
* 36.2 million comics served per month.
* TFD has updated daily at midnight eastern time since August 28, 2003.
* There are 2,281 Toothpaste For Dinner comics on toothpastefordinner.com. (Mar 10, 2008.)

Married To The Sea statistics:
* 32.1 million comics served per month.
* MTTS has updated daily at midnight eastern time since March 6, 2006.
* There are 744 Married To The Sea comics on marriedtothesea.com. (Mar 10, 2008.)

Natalie Dee statistics:
* 56.9 million comics served per month.
* Natalie Dee has updated daily at midnight eastern time since June 27, 2005.
* There are 1,602 Natalie Dee comics on nataliedee.com. (Mar 10, 2008.)

Drew also has a selection of videos he's made containing original music that he's also created. They can be viewed at Drew Toothpaste on youtube.

Drew's work is comparable to contemporary artists like Charles Schulz, creator of the comic strip "Peanuts", and Gary Larson, creator of the comic "The Far Side". Drew's comics are also single-frame similar to "The Far Side." Drew's comics and videos may be considered outlandish by some/most people, but his uniquely dry, awkward sense of humor that has resulted from his life in the Midwest is humorous and entertaining to me.

That's all! Go read some comics..

--David Wollschlager