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Artistic Presentation - Just and Viola

Jesper Just




Just graduated from the Copenhagen Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2003 . He was born in Copenhagen and now travels between Copenhagen and New York. His work is shown throughout Europe and the United States and can be reached at www.jesperjust.com. Though its about video art that Just's career is all about but looking outside, for example the sounds he chooses for his videos are wonderful to listen to. Just's vicious undertow is the very recent once that he had published and is shot in black and white and then transfered to video. He doesn't stick to one technology and as technology evolved so has he evolved using them. In this video released in 2007 is not something very different to those he used to do but the video's texture is full of youth, characters with extreme emotion and beauty. He is much of an artist looking at the angle he choose to shoot the whole thing especially for the dance and while walking up a staircase scences. Just's films are character-oriented and after having seen the video you as a viewer wouldn't know much of the background. Film can be either conversational or allows the reader to create his own story just what Just's Vicious undertow does. It can also be said that unnecessary elements are highlighted like in the video Bliss and heaven but it was made intentionally to make it as vague as possible. His videos are certainly unclear and allows the user to create the rest of the story based on their experience and memories. I believe that through videos as its the effective medium one can keep track or relate what he feels to the outer world. Also making it vague is something that I can relate to and it awaits deep thoughts from the viewer as the video progresses.

For more on his upcoming and latest -

On his exhibitions at -
Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art
the Vienna Kunsthalle
the Moore Space in Miami, FL,
the Hirschorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C.,
and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Bill Viola

There is a lot about him on the web and especially on the links below. He was different from Just in the way that filming was not much of a concern but how you get the characters out was probably his utmost importance. Though both of them are from different parts of the world Just had more of a Hollywood touch and Viola was much more simple and real focusing on the content rather than the quality compared to Just. Both of them capture influential and emotional scenes very much in their way. But Viola's videos also comprise of ambiguity but they (or plot) becomes clear as the video progresses. Both of these artists do it differently but Viola is mostly influenced as I see by current events in the video art work for example Heaven and Earth from the link below. He finds that making videos of such extreme point of views is an interface he can deal with.

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